28 March 2014

Latest buys IV

When buying from Taobao you will never know if an item from your order might be sold out - I've tried that a couple of times now. This order, however, was more troublesome than usual. First I screwed my order up by adding wrong items to my order, only to realize it after the order was placed - I had to get Taobaotrends to cancel it. Then two items were sold out and I had to find two replacements. Last, but not least, Taobaotrends wrote me a message, after I had paid the order, saying that the Vings urethane eyes in my order had a waiting time on up to 4 months - new replacement. Hopefully nothing more will go wrong with this order now. xD

All of the clothes is from the seller GreenTIME and I can't express enough how much I love their clothes. It fits perfect for my characters. I might do a review of them someday.

Taobao BJD order
  • Standard black pants for Hayden.
  • Cute pink pants for most of my girls, but probably most for Shay. xD
  • Pants with awesome print for Charlie. She will look so funky in these pants!
  • A suit for Hayden. I don't think he would use pants, but I'll just combine with the black pair and I think I can use the pants from this set to Keegan.
  • Green sweater for Takumi. I already tried to buy this, but got the shirt instead - turns out the Chinese characters for the two things was really similar and I chose the wrong one. -.-
  • Super duper adorable wig for Ayla. Funny enough the wig is portrayed on a Volks Kanon. xD
  • Lovely shirt that I think most of my girls can used if I combine it correctly. 

    Horusdoll order
    I also placed a small order from Horusdoll earlier this month with a pair of white heels and a black wig for Hayden. It's the third wig I've bought for him so I really hope this one won't be disappointing!

    There's a few updates in my resin crew as well - I'll do a post on that soonish.

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