30 January 2015

Life, bodies and dress obsession

Hallo peeps, you remember me? I'm still alive!!

I always meant to get back into blogging, since I love it here with all you wonderful people. Life got in the way around September though when I started suffering from depression. I started seeing the doctor, went on sick leave from school and got into the psychiatry in December. So I'm in treatment which is good, but sadly I'm not seeing much effect yet. This means that some times I can barely function and the interest for my hobbies are sometimes non existing. But don't worry, I won't leave the hobby. I've made too many lovely friends, I still love my dolls and it's just a period of time I have to get through. So even though it seems impossible for me at some times, I'm doing my best to keep my hope up. It was also a big step for me to write this, but I just wanted to be open about it. My hope is to keep blogging and write at least one or two entries a month. Better start out easy, right? I also made a new layout for my blog by the way. I just needed something new and for once I'm satisfied with how it turned out.

I'm even surprised to say this myself, but in all the time I've been away from blogging I actually haven't bought any new dolls! Woohoo, that's almost a miracle, haha. To be honest I'm a little proud of myself. Usually I have a big weakness for buying heads, but I kept it to just two heads last year. Hoping to do the same this year.

So, no new dolls, but a lot of new bodies which is just great because of my problem with buying heads. I think I've gotten three new bodies since last time. First of all I received the Classy Doll 61cm body from April Story. I was unsure about who would get the body, but in the end I stuck to my plans and Yoonie got it. Then I got my hands on an Akagidoll 66cm body for Caleb and it's perfect. Just as lanky and slender as I wanted him. Last, but not least, I got a grail body of mine, a Volks SDGr body for Shay. Can I just say how much I love this body!? It's the best girl body I've ever owned. So beautiful and I love the posing. Words can't describe how happy I was when I friend of my agreed to sell it to me. ♥

BJD dresses

Now to my dress obsession. In just a month I've bough four beautiful dresses. I was close to buying more than that, but my wallet didn't agree. First of is a knitted sweater dress from Kaleido for Shay or Yoonie. Kaleido have been releasing lots of beautiful clothes, but I usually discover this way too late when everything is sold out, so this one I just grabbed as fast as possible. Next is a dress from Odd Aristocratic for a future character. I probably won't be able to use this dress for other dolls as it's in EID size, but it's just perfect for the character. Maybe I'll do a post about her sometime. Then is my very first Volks dress. I'm so excited about this one. It'll probably go to Shay as well, maybe Olivia if she can fit it with her big boobs. Last is a dress from Dollheart. I've been in love with the dress for a long time, but it was sold out, so when it was re-released for pre-order I instantly had to get it. Another one that might go to Shay. Yeah, I have a problem with buying stuff for Shay, I know.

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