21 March 2014

Liebster Blogger Award questions

Aaah, I miss blogging! Trying to get in to the flow again starting with those question Lise wanted me to answer from that Liebster Blogger Award thingie.

1. What is the next doll you have planned?
Since Immortality of Doll is discontinuing a great deal of their lovely sculpts, I'm planning to buy a Sezz in April.

2. Most people in the BJD hobby have characters for their dolls. Assuming you do too, how did the character come to be?
Sometimes I make a new character thinking something like: "Shouldn't Charlie have a sister?" and other times I see a doll I like and really want. Lately with IOS I really wanted that Sezz since they're discontinuing him and I ended up making a best friend for Trent. So sometimes they're planned and other times I just see I doll I want and make a character for it. xD

3. Do your dolls have a theme song and if so which one(s)?
No, currently they don't. But at some point I'd really love to find some songs that fit all of my characters. Only recently I found a song that really fit great for Takumi.

4. Where do you prefer to talk about dolls? (DoA, blogs, Tumblr, other?)
On the Danish BJD forum, Resin Garden, and on blogs.

5. What do you like the most about the doll hobby?
Talking about dolls with my friends! Also photography. I liked taking photos before I joined the hobby, but I really don't think I would've grown as much or enjoyed it as much without the hobby.

6. What do you like the least about the doll hobby?
Recasts and the affect it has on the hobby. :(

7. Do you dream of any kind of doll that does not yet exist?
No, I don't think so.

8. Do you have any irl friends who share your hobby?
Yea, I have few great friends to share the hobby with.

9. If you could get 1 free doll right now, which doll would you choose?
Iplehouse SID Ashanti in light brown. ♥

10. Have you gotten any new friends through the doll hobby?
I've gotten a few new great friends and there's even people who I admire that started talking to me on Instagram, Flickr and DeviantART - I'm just so damn shy even online. ._.

11. Honestly, do you think you'll ever lose your interest in dolls? 
Well, you never know what the future brings, but as of this moment I really don't think I will. I tend to loose interest in my hobbies rather quickly, but the BJD hobby has hold my interest for about 6 years now.

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