27 July 2014

Wishlist for the rest of 2014

Long time no blogging - four months to be exact. I've missed blogging, but I've had some difficulties getting back into it. Let's see if I'll keep posting, I sure hope so!

I've made one of these collages with things I hoped to buy about halfway through the year back in 2012 and I thought it would be fun to make one again. Last time I only bought one thing on the list though, so hopefully I can do better this time.

Let's start with the resin. First of all I hope to buy an April Story girl body for Yoonie. How can I say no to a pretty girl body to a lovely discounted price? Then there's the Volks logo representing the SDGr girl body I want for Shay and YoSD hands for Ayla. These items are limited and not something Volks sell through their website, so their logo had to do.

Then there's the clothing. Cute simple tops and sexy pants from Tree Design. After I got a free top from Elfdoll I just have to get more and Tree Design has a lot of them. They're just perfect for casual sets. Three pair of urethane eyes from Vings. I wanted to buy these earlier, but Taobaotrends said that Vings are doing some renewal/updates and that I should wait a bit. Then there this really gorgeous dress and awesome cardigan from Nine9 Style. I want both in all colours, but as a start I want the dress in mint and the cardigan in yellow. Last we have a cute set for Ayla from Asano on Taobao and a blue shirt for Hayden from Freedom Teller.

I'm sure there'll be some of these things I won't be getting. I change my opinion all the time about what I want and then there's the companies releasing new awesome items that destroys my plans, but at least it's a start.

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