30 October 2013

Latest buys II

I just felt like sharing a few of the things I've bought recently. First is my Taobao order from two weeks ago. Click on the pictures to get to their sale pages.
Wig from Taobao Shoes from Taobao Booze holder from Taobao BJD ring from Taobao
  • A wig for Melissa. The one she has now is too big on her head. It will be her default wig for now, but sometime I want a lot of different wigs for her as she's the type of person who change hair style and colour often. 
  • Shoes for Melissa. More of my girls can use these shoes, but as a start they're for Melissa. Originally I wanted long boots for her, but I couldn't find what I was looking for.
  • A wine/champagne (?) bottle in ice with two glasses. This can be used for several things for my dolls. Melissa is a bartender and Trent just drinks to much. xD
  • A ring for Charlie. Since Lise also bought this ring, I know that it won't fit on any of my girls right now. Hopefully it will when Charlie gets a SD16 body sometime.
  • I also bought stockings for my girls in 8 different colours. 

I also placed a little Tata's Paradise order on the European dealer Boulevard bjd last week.
Tata's Paradise bjd microphone Tata's Paradise jacket Tata's Paradise notebook Tata's Paradise gas mask
  • A microphone for Shay. This is the main reason that I placed this order. Shay is the singer in my band so this is just too perfect. I actually placed another Tata order a while ago where they had another microphone for sale and just a few days after I had placed my order and the pre-order had ended, they released this new microphone. So of course I had to buy from them again. 
  • A jacket for Trent. Now I just realized that the black leather on the arms is a part of the jacket and not a part of the gloves as I though. I hope this won't bug me when I receive the jacket cause I really love the rest of it. 
  • A note book. Just because I can't get enough pops. xD
  • A mask... I absolutely have no real use for this. I just loved it too much to pass up on it. Might be able to use it for Trent for some band pictures? 

Last, but not least, I bought this beautiful dress designed by Turbow and sewn by LittleModa. It's made for the Volks SD16 body, which means that I don't have any doll that can fit the dress yet. It's just such a beautiful dress, so I needed it. I can use for so many of my girls. I can pick it up at the post office tomorrow, now I'm just sad that I can't use it any of my girls yet. ._.
TURBOW and Little Moda dress

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