30 December 2013

I might be a Switch-aholic...

Sooo, Switch just had an event called CATCH ME IF YOU CAN that I just had to participate in. As usual they would sell a number of their limited heads and this time it was Ryun:R, Uhui:R and Seolrok. All three sculpts are lovely, but Ryun:R is one of my absolute favourite Switch sculpts, and even though I had a few fuck-ups when I tried to buy him two hours ago I was still lucky to get him. I couldn't be more happy. ♥
This is the third event in a row from Switch that I participate in and you would think that I would be done with buying Switch by now, but they still have more sculpts I like and want. xD Hopefully they won't be releasing any of those sculpts in their next few events, I need a break!

I'm still not sure what I will use the head for since I got confused by looking at owner photos of him. Maybe he would do a great Tyler (Charlie's boyfriend), maybe a better Takumi (but I also love my IOS Anos as Takumi) or maybe even a new character? I'll see what I feel for when I get him home. Right now I'm just too confused. D:

I've been working on an entry on how my 2013 went, but I haven't been much at the computer since before Christmas. Maybe I can finish it later today and publish it tomorrow and if not I'll just publish it in the new year. :)


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