25 February 2015

Sell a head... and buy a new one

A month ago I sold my Switch Milhwa head to a friend and just a week or so later I bought a new head. Yeah, there it is again! The buying heads are so much easier problem.. -.- The fun thing is that in the end it's not easier at all. You have to look for a body, it has to have the right proportions for the head and then there's the resin match. I just can't help myself. I think I need help! xD

The head I ended up buying is an OR-doll Sui. I fell in love with this head back when it was released, but I couldn't figure out how it would fit in. Since the head is limited I kept returning and finally it hit me that I maybe could use it for Nathalie, Ayla's mother. I'm not a 100% sure, but I took the change. Later stupid Lise planted the idea in my head that I also could use it for a gay male model.. >o< I don't need more new characters! Not before I've bought some of the other characters on my 'want to buy' list.. but now I just can't seem to shake the idea off me. I will do my best to resist the idea and think of the head as Nathalie though. Hopefully I won't fail.*fingers crossed* She's already in the customs, I'm just waiting for them to release her. I'll be putting her on a semi-hiatus to focus more on the dolls that are closer to be 'finished'. :D
Photo © OR-doll

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