5 August 2017

When a dream doll gets discontinued

A few days ago I went to take a look on Iplehouse's website to see if they had gotten any new interesting clothes. I then noticed their slide-banner-thingy had an image with the title "Discontinued E.I.D Heads" and saw that Ashanti was among the ones that will get discontinued.

A light brown Ashanti has been on my wishlist for so long, so this made me really sad. I considered if I could settle with a Lehela or Aaliyah. Both sculpts are lovely, but I just didn't get the same feeling I did with Ashanti. Then I did the most stupid I could do - I went to look at photos of Ashanti on Flickr and I fell for her all over again. I just have to get her!

I'm currently saving up for a new laptop since the one I have now is almost 5 years old and has seen better days. It still works fine though, it's just a bit slow and overheats once in a while. I was also planning to buy some new urethane eyes and a bit YoSD clothes this year too. If I buy Ashanti all this will be postponed which is a shame, but she is a dream doll of mine. I'd also have to go on a no spend for doll stuff if I buy Ashanti to save up for a computer again.

Ashanti in ebony skin, since there are no photos of her in light brown. Photo is from Iplehouse

My next step was to consider if I could use her in real skin in stead so I could avoid the doll choice system, save a little money and use layaway. But it just doesn't feel right to get her in real skin, it has to be light brown.

The other day I realized that Iplehouse has made the option to just buy the head and it's available in light brown. Buying just the head will probably be more expensive since I have to buy a full doll later and hope I can sell the head, plus there will be double custom fees. I won't take a final decision before the middle of September when doll choice system closes down, but it's a nice option that they sell just the head so I can get her if I can't raise the funds for a full doll.

I'm thinking about selling a few of my Pureneemos to be able to afford Ashanti. Pureneemos are somewhat easy to get again and there are so many cute releases so I would be okay with not being able to get the ones I sell again.

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