15 August 2017

Box opening: Pureneemo Calico Yuzuha

I received my Sahra's a la mode Meow × Meow a la mode Calico Yuzuha (DS Ver.) on Monday last week. She will be my last new Pureneemo for a good while beside the Wizard of Oz Himeno that I already have pre-ordered and won't be shipped before next year. To my surprise and luck, she arrived without custom fees, meaning that I could put about $70 aside to Ashanti.

On the sad note, though, her shoes were missing. I have contacted Fabric Friends & Dolls and they contacted Azone about it. They will get a pair of shoes with their next shipment and send them to me. I had actually seen a box opening video of this Yuzuha on Youtube where the shoes also were missing. She had tried it once before where it was the whole shipment of dolls that didn't have their shoes. I was a bit nervous that mine might be missing too, but since it took some extra time for my Yuzuha to ship, I assumed it was because they held them back to add the shoes. Apparently not, but at least I will get the shoes.

Her name is Asuki and it's sort of a tribute to my first BJD, Hazuki, whom I don't own anymore. Years after naming him Hazuki I learned that it actually mostly is a female name. I didn't want to name her exactly the same, so Asuki it is. She goes by the nickname Asu-nyan, inspired by the anime K-on!

Erika is covering my address. xD

The content of the box.

She looks so squished together. รถ

Cute image on her box.

Everything she came with, but her shoes. :(

Weird, this is the outfit from the standard edition? It was the same with my Lycee (DS Ver.).

I've gotten a huge do want on the standard version of Yuzuha too. She has such an adorable face! Maybe someday.

I had an extra pair of shoes she could use! I also took off the shirt under her dress.

She's so adorable!

You probably noticed the extra small box on the second photo. Asuki will help me open it.

A cute little rabbit! I've always loved those cute little... figures (I don't know what they're actually called) from Aimerai.

Asuki thinks BunBun is a cutie! Should I give it a name? Do you have any suggestions?

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