30 July 2017

Isi, the imaginary friend

Since I sold Hazuki and Takumi last year, Isi is now my oldest doll. Back when I used to have a little army of SOOM tinies he was a part of some sort of fantasy universe that I never developed much on. They only had a brief personality. Isi is the last one left from back then and I wasn't sure how he would fit in with my other dolls that exist in a world like our own. I was certain that I didn't want to sell him, though, since I absolutely adore him.

I don't think I ever shared it on my blog, but I got the idea that he could be Ayla's imaginary friend. When Ayla grows up she learns that she is gender-fluid, but I think she already experiences dysphoria and thoughts related to this as a child. Therefore Isi is a shape-shifter. He can turn from between a boy, a girl, and a deer. Ayla makes him up as a child, but he grows with her. As she gets interested in gaming and drawing, Isi becomes an original character of hers. I personally don't know much about these types of games, but I imagine that she plays games where you get to design your own character and that Isi is a healer type.

Isi is a loving and caring person. He enjoys helping others, but is very naive, resulting in him sometimes being used by others. His passion is nature and he cares deeply about it, sometimes to the extent that he gets obsessive about it. It's still a somewhat brief personality and I don't know his backstory yet, but hopefully, I will learn more about him.

Personally I'm used to saying he about Isi, but in reality, you can use both he and she pronouns.

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