24 August 2017

A few changes in Thalia's story and style

I'm so bad at sharing stories about my characters! When I have changes that I want to blog about I realize that I never shared what the story was before.

So let's start with a bit of the old story about Thalia. She used to be the lead singer in a goth rock band with all men beside her, but she grew tired it and formed an all-girl goth rock band with two of Lise's old characters. After Lise changed her characters I still had "permission" to say that Thalia was in a band with Trisha and Isabelle. Also, she was in an open relationship with Trent whom I don't own anymore. At this time Thalia's fashion style was mostly casual goth and then more dressed up for the band.

Here's a photo of the girl band, Niveous, from a little over a year ago that I also never shared on my blog.

There's a bit of it that remains the same. She was still in a goth rock band with all men that she left, and she was also in the same open relationship with Trent, but she broke up with him since she couldn't keep waiting for him to change. After these events, she gets in a relationship with Shay and they form an indie duo together. I will still use the name Niveous since I'm too lazy to come up with a new name. Her fashion style has also broadened a bit, so in addition to casual goth she now also wears the bohemian style. The story about how Thalia and Shay meet and how they become a couple is not fully developed yet, but I will definitely share it when I know more about it.

I got to try this lavender wig on Thalia some time ago when I visited Lise and I was surprised that it actually suits her. In the future, I want a pretty Amadiz Studio wig for her in this colour.

I have been absolutely in love with the Iplehouse's bohemian outfits from the Isabel and Nancy fullsets. I tried looking for a split on the Isabel outfit, but I got no response, and then there recently was a split on the Nancy outfit in the Danish community, but with Ashanti being discontinued I sadly couldn't afford it. Since Iplehouse has released a bit bohemian FID clothes I hope they also will release some in the SID size. Otherwise, I can still find outfits from SartoriaJ on Etsy.

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