20 July 2017

Photos: Adventures in The Japanese Garden

After getting into Pure Neemos I started following Azone_Ringo, an Azone employee, on Twitter. I quickly learned that the different Azone models have birthdays and that people post photos with a birthday tag. I thought this was such a cute idea, so I started looking for the birthdays on the models I own. Lycee was the first of them with her birthday being today, July 20th.

Last weekend I went on a trip to The Japanese Garden that is located about 20 minutes by bus from where I live and I brought Misaki along. This place is really gorgeous! Short before I was about to go home, I realised that Lise and I first visited this place 10 years ago. Time sure flies! Since then they've been closed for periods of time since one owner went bankrupt, and they changed owners a few times. Now they're owned by a conference company who are nice enough to keep the garden open on the weekends from the start of May until the end of August. With free entrance even.

I hope to visit the garden once more this year before they close. Next year I will try to aim for the sakura season and then, hopefully, have a yukata for one of my dolls by then.

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