6 July 2017

Introducing Tori

I received my Or-doll Sui back in March 2015 and she's just been a blank, floating head for about two years. She was originally going to be my character Olivia, but some time ago I made a few changes in my doll family and ended up dropping a couple of my characters that didn't have much relevance anymore. I didn't want to part with my Sui though since it's such a lovely head.

Then Tori came along. The other day Lise asked me how I came up with Tori, but I have to admit that I have completely forgotten. I think it had something to do with the fact I wanted to try a different type of face-up than what I usually get on my dolls? So back in April, I got a slot with Raquel Clemente and I got my girl back last week. She turned out absolutely stunning! ♥ I've always wanted a doll with matte lipstick.

Her full name is Victoria but goes by Tori. She is a transgender woman and is still in her transitioning process. She is half Filipino and half British. I don't know much about her yet, but I'm thinking that she met Shay and Charlie through the gay bar, where she told she was a big fan of Yoonie. Shay and Charlie then told that they work with Yoonie and that she could tag along with them to meet Yoonie. Maybe she even gets a chance to work with her idol. I'm not sure yet.

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