1 July 2017

Box opening: Pureneemo Kuroneko Lycee & Snow Princess Aika

During Lise's and my new obsession with Pure Neemos, we pre-ordered a few dolls together. Lise received them last week and shipped mine my way already the same day. ♥ I received them on Friday last week and decided to do a mini photostory/box opening-thingy. Since my last post, I have also received my Meow x Meow a la Mode Abyssinian Maya. I didn't get around to do a box opening with her though.

The photos are not the best. I suck at taking box opening photos and I also forgot to get photos of a few things, like the boxes, the booklets and the Miu outfit I bought from Lise. Ah well, lately I try to remember the saying "Finished, not perfect" and try to finish more of my projects instead of striving for perfection. I'm still not too good at it. It has taken me about a week to write the blog post. But I try!

Enough babbling! Here are the photos of my Meow x meow a la Mode Kuroneko Lycee and Otogi no Kuni Snow White Snow Princess Aika.

A box has arrived!

Shino: Oooh! Is this stuff for us? :3
Fumiko: I think our friends are here, Shinobu-san.

Shino: I only see clothes in here!?
Fumiko: Oh my! Be careful!

Shino: Let's get this away so we can get to our friends!

Shino: Ah! It's Misaki-chan!
Fumiko: And Erika-san ♥~

Misaki and her extra things.

Erika and her extra things. I actually thought she came with extra hands to hold the basket, but apparently not.

Look how small those buckles are! D: I doubt I ever will use these shoes.

Not the best photo (you can't see Fumiko's cute face very well), but I loved how cute Misaki's pose was.

Shino: Nyan, nyan!! :3
Erika: Please, just go away, Shinobu-san.
Misaki: Just a little longer. We'll rescue Erika-chan in a bit.
Fumiko: Ohoho, poor Erika-san. ♥

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