16 April 2017

Photo story: Easter Chaos part IV

I'm not fully returning to the blog-world, but since it's Easter I wanted to post my little Easter Chaos photo story. I started doing the Easter Chaos stories in 2013 and only missed last year due to some personal issues. This year I got back on track even though it was quite a task. It was a warm day, so I got a bit sweaty, the dolls kept falling as I walked between the table and the camera, and the daylight kept changing. I got the photos thought and somewhat saved them the best I could with Photoshop. There are things I'm not a 100% satisfied with, but that's usual for me and at least I got the photos and posted them.

There is a red thread between the Easter Chaos stories, but you can still read them on their own. Here are links to the previous stories, if anyone might want to read those too.
Part IPart IIPart III

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