5 April 2016

Amiami March order

Last year Nikki pre-ordered a Menma figure from Amiami and told me I could join with in-stock items when the time came. Originally it was a February pre-order and when February came we both added some in stock items to the order. I had added a Beach Queen Kotori from Love Live!, a Chopper from One Piece and three Love Live! notebooks. By the end of February we got a mail that said we couldn't get the items anyway for some reason. It turns out that Menma was delayed from the company. I was a bit bummed since I really wanted those figures, but luckily I found some new items I wanted and even more lucky I could still add the Love Live! notebooks to the new order. :D

Enough rambling, here's the photos of our order.

All of our items!

Nikki's figures! Menma and Anaru from Ano Hana. I'm in love with the Anaru figure, I need to buy her as well sometime. :D

All my stuff! :3 I couldn't resist those cute notebooks.

Maki is joining my Kotori, Eli and Hanayo.~ Now I have four out of nine.. but there's also the training outfit.. Why did there have to be nine girls? -.-

Someone is not like the others? Oo (Ain't that little Danbo just too cute? I love him!)

The Totoro stacking game/figures! I learned that they require a certain amount of patience to stack or set up. รถ

A final shot of my loot. :D

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