22 March 2016

Drastic decisions + Liebster Award #3

Something has been nagging me with my doll family for a while now. It has taken me some time to figure what it exactly was, but now I think I finally know what; I don't think I do well with male dolls. Before I always thought it was the number of "unfinished" dolls (even when it only was a few), the amount of dolls or a too big wishlist. I have tried to cut down by selling a doll to have fewer floating heads, but that nagging feeling never disappeared.

After talking with Nikki on the phone about what might be bothering me I came to the conclusion that it might be my boys. It's not that I don't like them, but when I looked through my photos on Flickr I realized that I rarely photograph them. They just don't inspire me as much as my girls do, whom I have tons of photos of.

Photographing is such a big part of the hobby for me (not that I take many photos lately though), so I don't see the point of having my boys just sitting on the shelf being pretty. Therefore I have decided to sell Takumi, Trent and Caleb. I'm not too sad with this decision since I will be keeping their characters. That way I don't have to change anything in the story and keep a possibility open if I ever should regret my decision.

I get easily stressed when I have too much up for sale at once therefore I'll sell them one by one to make it more manageable for myself. So there might pop a few more photos of Caleb up since I'll sell him last. :)

Next set of questions are from Orion Cain over at Earl Grey Atelier.

1. What is the first thing you look for when you're sculpt hunting?
Most of the time I end up creating a character for a sculpt I've fallen for. So when I finally go sculpt hunting it's because the character has developed and doesn't fit the first sculpt any more. In that occasion I of course look for features that will fit the character better.

2. Name one of your favorite, or your absolute favorite company, and tell us why you chose it?
One of my favourites is definitely Iplehouse. The sculpts, realism, tan skin colours, beautiful bodies. What is there not to like? Other than a few nuisances with the posing.

3. Are you in the hobby because you simply like dolls and think they are beautiful, or is there another reason?
Well, both that and then what I've mentioned in previous post; the friends and creative aspects. I feel like I repeat myself so much with all these tags. xD

4. Describe how your perfect sculpt would look like! (You can attach an illustration or sketch for fun)
Skipping this one. I can't draw and don't really think about how my perfect sculpt would look like.

5. Choose one doll from your collection that you would part it! And explain why.
This is a evil question! I don't wanna part with any of my darlings. ;_; If I really had to it would probably be either Thalia (Iplehouse SID Stella) or Ayla (Volks YoSD Kanon) since they're easier to get again.

6. Tell us something interesting about one of your resin family members!
Some of my dolls work as part time models, but they only do very few model jobs in a month. So to have a stable income they have other jobs as well. Olivia is an artist. I haven't fully decided what she exactly do. I imagine that she makes illustrations for children's books, but also have exhibitions from time to time. 

7. If you were suddenly gifted with the skill of BJD sculpting, what would you name your company?
I'm so extremely bad at coming up with names (it takes me forever to give photos a title), so I think I'll just chose my blog name: Resin Wonderland. xD

8. What is one question you hate being asked in this hobby?
There's so many, haha! But maybe what my favourite company is. There's too many lovely companies!!

9. Do your dolls have favorite foods? (you can pick one doll, and share)
I haven't come up with it for every character, but they definitely have favourite foods! Ayla loves candy, but you have to hide that stuff away! Just imagine that girl high on sugar! D: To mention something that is more "real" food, Olivia loves curry and I think that Shay enjoys the traditional English breakfast.

10. What is an aesthetic you hate in BJDs?
There's no aesthetics I hate, but I personally don't like dreaming or sleeping dolls in my own doll family. I love seeing other people's dreaming and sleeping dolls, but they just don't work well for me.

11. And last but not least, do you have anything to say to people in the hobby?
Let's all support the artists, and spread positiveness and joy in this lovely hobby! ♥

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