28 February 2016

Raouken corset review + Liebster Award #2

When Nikki visited me back in January I had the change to try her new gorgeous corset from Raouken on my dolls. First I tried in on Shay and it fit her perfectly. Thalia tried it next, but as I already had thought it didn't fit her at all. I could also have tried it on my Classydoll body, but since it has a large bust, I didn't even bother to try.

After tying and untying the corset a few times I regretted not getting photos of Shay in the corset the first time she had it on. xD That thing takes time to tie!

Shay is on the Volks SDGr girl body and the corset is made for Delf girls. It sits really great on the bust and doesn't gab too much on the back. It's a super nice fit on the body.

Nikki bought the corset from a custom listing Raouken had on her Etsy, where you could chose your own colours for fabric, ribbon, lace and a few other things. Sadly she has removed the custom option for now, but one can always hope she opens up for the option again. I definitely want some for Shay and I'm also tempted to try her Super Gem size for Thalia.

I don't think there's much other to say, so I'll just let the photos speak for themselves.

Next Liebster Award tag is from Kirstine over at A Tiny Jurney.

1. What is the best thing that has ever happened to you because of this hobby?
I feel like this is going to be a repetition from a question from the last blog post. The friends I've gained and the ways I get to unfold my creativity is definitely the best thing that has happened to me. :D

2. Do you think this hobby has changed you as a person?
The hobby has been a big part of my life in 8 years so I'd say it probably has changed me as a person. I can't say exactly how though, maybe it has made me a bit more social? I dunno.

3. When did you start collecting, and what was your idea when you started (like limits of how many dolls, limits as to what to spend, maybe you only wanted dolls from a certain company)?
I got my first doll in January 2008 and some of the rules I had back then includes: no tinies, no female dolls, no tans, not too many (didn't have a number) and probably more I can't remember.

4. What are the main reasons why you are in this hobby?
Um, same as question 1, I think? ^^'

5. Are there certain people/brands/etc. that inspires your collection?
A lot of things inspire me; checking photos on Flickr, looking at model photos on Pinterest, nature, and probably also people and brands, not that I can think of many examples right now. Only that a photo I once saw of G-Dragon inspired to a shoot with Yoonie.

6. Where do you store your doll-boxes?
Most of them are in my basement and then I have two in my apartment where I store resin parts.

7. How long did you wait on your dolls from they were paid off until you had them in your hands? Please mention the fastest and slowest!
Oh, I don't remember stuff like this! xD The longest wait has probably been from SOOM with layaway + wait time, I don't remember which had the longest wait though. The slowest.. oh year, that would be my Volks Kanon that I bought from a friend. I got her before I could even make the first payment. ♥

8. What is the most appealing feature in a dolls face?
I have a thing for lips and teeth! Most of my girls sculpts has teeth. xD

9. Do you have a no-go? F.ex. big noses, angry eyes, teeth showing, etc.
Not really, but I don't go well with dolls with sleeping or dreaming eyes. I get a bit frustrated that I can't see their beautiful eyes too well.

10. If you could have any doll in the world, which do you desire most?
I don't really have a grail doll. There's lots of beautiful sculpts out there that I wouldn't mind owning like for example a Volks Williams, but I'm also fine with not being able to get him. So maybe one of those gorgeous European artist dolls? I don't follow the artist doll market very much, but I remember there has been quite a few beautiful ones that I wouldn't mind owning, but again I don't remember which ones. D:

11. Do you have a preferred skin tone for your resin buddies?
Most of my dolls are normal skin, but I actually prefer tan skin. Gotta love all those beautiful brown tones!! There's also a lot of fantasy colours I love (looking at you Peak's Woods), but they don't fit in my 'humans in London' setting. xD

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