19 February 2016

Returning again + Leibster Award #1

First off I want to explain my silence for the last one and a half month. When the Liebster Award tag started going around I was tagged three times, then I found a fourth tag and in the end I was tagged six times (over about a week or so). Don't misunderstand me here, I really appreciate every last one of those tags and will do my best to do them, but I was overwhelmed. In stead of doing the tags one by one I completely shut down and just slowly disappeared without trying to answer any of the tags. Now I have started to miss blogging and actually have a few things I want to share with you lovely people. Therefore I have decided that I will include one Liebster Award tag in the next six posts I'm doing.

As the first post in a while I just want to share a bit of the photos I've taken lately. I have a few other old shots that I haven't uploaded anywhere yet, but some are still unedited and one comes with a small review. ;D

Trent (Luts SDF Abadon) and Thalia (Iplehouse SID Stella)

Shay (LLT Little Edria)

Nikki's Morgan (Switch Rusi) and Shay (LLT Little Edria)

I'm starting off with the questions from Nikki over at Resin Romance.

1. Have you become friends with anyone thanks to this hobby?
Yes, I've become friends with some really lovely people though this hobby; both online and IRL.

2. Which of your dolls do you resemble the most? Tell me about them?
All of my dolls have a bit of my own characteristics in them, but who do I resemble the most? Maybe Shay? We've both dealt with depression, are both vulnerable and therefore can't always deal with too much stuff going on at the same time. I also want to mention Olivia as both of us are quiet and very introverted.

3. Which dolly trend should just die already? Why?
I can't think of any trends I dislike right now.

4. What company makes the best clothes in your opinion?
That's a difficult one! I have a few favourites: Iplehouse, Nine9 Style, Sadol, Fredom Teller, Tree Design, Helleborus. Okay, that was more than a few, but I like all of them equally. :<

5. What is the next doll on your wishlist?
Next resin on my wishlist is either a Withdoll SWD body or a Popodoll 68cm body, but the next full doll is Thalia's daughter, Sofia who is going to be a Volks YoSD Elena. 

6. What is your favorite creative thing to do in this hobby?
What I love about this hobby is the many different creative aspects it has and I like to do many of them, but I think my favourite has to be photography; even  though I suck at posing the dolls. xD

7. Do you have a dolly couple? Please share a bit about them?
I have three couple myself and then two shared with Nikki. Since Trent and Thalia are the only couple where I have both dolls home I'll share a bit about them. Both of them are musicians and have met through music. They've slept together a few times and one time they thought they would try the whole 'open relationship' thing. After some time they develop feelings for each other, but Trent tries to hide it since he's afraid of commitment and being a bad step-father for Thalia's daughter.

8. Do you have anyone you really admire in this hobby?
I do! But there's too many to mention here! ;D

9. How do you feel about mods on rare/limited heads?
I think that people should be able to do whatever they want with the stuff they own. That doesn't mean that I don't sometimes think it's a shame when people completely destroy something limited or rare.

10. What is the worst thing ever happen to you in this hobby?
At first I had trouble thinking of something, but I just remembered that I was scammed a few years ago by someone who had set up a dealer site, but never bought the body I had ordered from the company. Sometimes I still stalk this person on their Tumblr, see that they buy dolls and tons of pets, then I hate a bit on them and try to forget it all again afterwards.

11. What is the best thing ever happen to you in this hobby?
I can't think of anything other than what I've already written about; the friends I've got and the creative aspects of the hobby. ^^

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