3 January 2016

Doll plans for 2016

I hope you all have arrived safely in the new year!

I've had this post ready for over a week, but I've been so exhausted after celebrating New Years with my sister, brother and sister-in-law, so I didn't have the energy to finish it up before now. I do have a few more hopes/plans for 2016, like more heels from Taobao, but these are the plans I want to focus most on!

1. Get face-up on at least two heads
I have two blank heads at the moment, Olivia, my Or-doll Sui and my nameless Switch Uhui. These are the two I will prioritize in 2016, but I do hope I can get a new face-up one some of my other dolls too, especially Trent.

2. Buy at least two pairs of urethane eyes
Only Trent and Olivia are missing urethane eyes. I want light brown for Olivia, probably from either Enchanted Dolls or Doll Bakery. For Trent I'm still not sure. Originally I wanted a greyish blue colour for him, but I've fallen a bit in love with the colour of his temporary eyes which are more of a light golden brown. Maybe I'll buy both colours and see which I like best.

3. Buy at least one bodies, hopefully two
It might change which bodies I end up buying, but at this moment I'm most interested in buying a Withdoll SWD female body and a Popodoll 68cm male body. My intentional plans was to start the year with a layaway on a Withdoll SWD girl and then sell the head, but I remembered something else I wanted to buy first..

Photos © Withdoll & Popodoll

4. Buy more clothes for Thalia, Caleb and/or Trent
.. which is two outfits for Thalia from Iplehouse (plus another outfit I hope some of my other girls can fit)! I'm so much in love with these outfits and would really hate for them to be sold out before I would be able to get them. I currently don't have any specific plans for clothes for the Caleb and Trent, but I don't doubt I will be able to find something.

Photos © Iplehouse

5. Look out for the perfect wig for Trent
Trent has not been easy regarding wigs. I've only ever bought one for him, so luckily he hasn't been expensive yet. I know that is has to be dark red, short in one side and longer in the other, but he hasn't really been satisfied with the few I have found online so far. I've been thinking about trying to cut a mohair wig myself, but I'm not sure. Maybe I should just commission one of the excellent wig makers out there. 

6. Practice sewing 
I really want to be able to sew some simple things like skirts, so in 2016 I hope I will dig out my sewing machine and start practising!! 

I just noticed that my plans are more focused on what I want to buy. After reading a few other 2016 goals/plans post I was reminded that I also want to try making wigs, making props, take more photos and blog more often. I could add all these to my list now, but I'm afraid it will be too long and get more impossible for me to accomplish. I will try to do these things in 2016 and otherwise I might put them on my plans next year, as I feel like my dolls are getting closer to being as complete as they can be this year.

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