15 December 2015

Review of 2015 plans

It's that time of the year to see how well I did with my 2015 plans. Seems like everyone else already has done it - I'm late to the party as usual. xD Apparently I didn't post my plans on my blog so I took them from the Danish BJD forum and translated them.

Let's see how well I did!

Buy Keegan - BNBdoll Back-ro head.
No Keegan this year and for now it seems like I'm cutting this character off from my wishlist, so maybe it was a good thing I didn't buy him. Btw, if you don't know BNBdoll you should go check them out! They have some handsome boys!

Buy Thalia - Iplehouse EID Stella.
This one happened and at a really great deal even. Nikki over at Resin Romance found her for me on eBay. It was really nerve wrecking as she only was for sale in The United Kingdom at first, but I cut a deal with the seller that I could buy her if no one else had when the auction ended. In the end I saved about $200 + the custom fees that could've been about $250 on her! ♥

My beautiful Thalia together with Trent.

Buy at least one body for my floating heads.
I didn't get to buy any bodies this year sadly. Hope I can make up for that next year!

Get face-up on at least two heads.
Only my Immortality of Soul Sezz ended up getting a face-up this year. I'm still waiting for him to return from Pearls of Danube though.  

Buy new wig for Takumi, Caleb and/or Ayla.
All three of them ended up getting new wigs and luckily I'm satisfied with all three.

Buy clothes for Caleb and/or Ayla.
I bought a small amount of clothes for both of them. Like a vest for Caleb and a shirt for Ayla. Both of them need more, but at least I got them something. xD

Buy at least two pairs of urethane eyes.
I had to check a bit up on this one. I'm currently waiting for three pairs of Enchanted Doll eyes with Nikki's Peak's Woods order and one pair of Mako eyes, but I couldn't remember if I had bought any eyes earlier this year - I hadn't.

Buy hands for my Volks YoSD and/or SDGr body.
I bought two pair of hands for Ayla. She got the peace and pointing hands. I still want more for her, but I should focus on getting some hands for Shay in stead. ^^'

Try to avoid buying more than two heads. 
Another success! The heads I bought this year was an Or-doll Sui and a SNG Uhui.

Practice cutting wigs. 
I was surprised that I actually got this one done as well. I'm still not good at cutting wigs, but I cut at least three wigs this year. At least I'm not as afraid of cutting wigs now as I was before.

One of the wigs I cut. It's not perfect, but I still need practice. Original wig.

So in the end it's two missed and one half done. That's not too bad! I had imagined I did much worse. I hope I can keep it up next year. ;D

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