22 November 2015

#ProBJDArtists 2015

I started brainstorming for the #ProBJDArtists day already a couple of weeks ago. I wanted to do something other than 'dolls standing with paper with text', but I've been completely empty for ideas. So in the end I went with the dolls with paper, but as a little photo story with my tinies with a bit of humour thrown in to it.

It was a mess taking these photos. Just as I had gathered the energy to start the sun disappeared behind some clouds. I decided to take the photos anyway. Then halfway through the sun decided to come back. *sighs* Furthermore I've been away from home for almost half of the day both yesterday and today so I didn't have too much time to perfect the editing.

I would have loved to write a more in-depth post about recasts and my opinion, but truth is that I'm exhausted and tired, so this will have to do. Maybe next year?

Even thought Ayla screwed a bit up, I hope hers and Isi's message is clear. ^^

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