20 November 2015

Late Halloween post

The other day I felt like making a new design for my blog, but there's not much meaning in making a new design if I don't really use my blog, is there? So here I am, trying to get a bit back to blogging once again.

Last month Lise was visiting and we went to a Halloween meet together. For the occasion I wanted to put my dolls in costumes. I had a few great ideas, one of them as simple as a ghost, but as always I procrastinated to the last moment and didn't get anything done. So in the end the only one with a proper costume was Ayla as a cute little mummy. I tried putting some outfits together for the others with what I had. Takumi went as a 'gangster' (cause he's so hardcore... xD), Shay as a mori-girl and Yoonie as a witch. I also brought Isi and Thalia, but they didn't have any costumes. Sadly I didn't take many photos from the meet and apparently the only photos I did take were of Ayla, and some of Anne and Avi's dolls, haha. xD

All photos in this post are btw edited with VSCO on my phone. My laptop can't be calibrated properly and has an annoying blue tint. I have a monitor to use when I edit photos, but I was too lazy to set it up for these photos, so I thought I would try using my phone and I guess the editing turned out okay. 

Anne's Voodoo was babysitting Ayla. Not the easiest job when Ayla realized someone had candy! XD
Handsome Alberto!! ♥

Lise encouraged me to get some photos of my dolls the day after the meet. I got a few of Thalia, Lise's Isabelle and a mini story of Ayla in the mummy costume. I'm not entirely satisfied with those of Ayla, but thought I would share them anyway. I might share the shots of Thalia and Isabelle in another post.


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