10 August 2015

Inspiration from unexpected places

Long time no see! I miss blogging, but my motivation and energy is lacking. I will try my best to just be blogging once in a while, hopefully I can get up to posting at least once a month. ^^

I follow Nine9 Style on Twitter and a few weeks ago they started teasing for a scouts outfit, which has been released since then. At first I didn't think much about it, but they kept posting more photos of the outfit and at one point it just hit me: Ayla is a scout. With her energy and love for being outdoors it's almost obvious that she would be a scout. :D

Nine9 Style girl scout outfit 
Image © Nine9 Style

Sadly the outfit is both limited and for Nine9 Style's own Bunny Nine size which is 35cm, so it wouldn't fit a YoSD.

You can even buy a backpack and a sleeping bag as extras. So cute! ♥

Have you ever tried something similar? Finding inspiration for your characters (or something else) in places you didn't expect to?

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