19 March 2015

Meme: Interview with Yoonie

I was tagged by Lise to do an interview with Yoonie. I'm tagged to do like three more interviews and it might take me some time to do them all, but they will all get done eventually.

Oh, and no re-tagging from me since I'm lazy like that. xD


1) What is your name?
My name is Ga-Yoon Dixon, but please just call me Yoonie.

2) What is your nationality/ethnicity?
I'm Korean, but was adopted and raised in England.

3) When were you born/how old are you?
I'm 29 and was born on June 16.

4) What is your race (human/angel/demon/etc)?
Just a human.What else would I be, silly? *smiles*

5) Are you single or taken? Who is your lover/crush?
I'm taken by two lovelies! Gabby and Donna.

6) Are you straight/bi/trans/etc?
*ahem* You do know that trans isn't a sexuality, right? We need better education about transgender people and sexuality in general. To answer the question I'm lesbian and a trans woman. This means I was assigned male at birth, but identify as female and I've been through a transition so both my mind and body are female.

7) Favorite hobby?
Who has time for hobbies? *laughs* I barely have any spare time, but I do enjoy the rare moments I get to do yoga.

8) Favorite food & drink?
My mother make the best lasagne ever! And you can never go wrong with a good wine.

9) Do you have a job?
Actually I have many jobs. I own a model agency, write books and give lectures about transgender- and woman rights.

10) What is your favorite animal?
I've always loved dolphins, but seahorses are cool too. I generally like sea creatures. 

11) What is your bad habit?
I'm told that I have a bad tendency to help people and push my own problems aside. I guess they're right. Maybe I need someone helping me? *laughs* I might be drinking a bit too much coffee as well.

12) What is your favorite hangout? 
There's this lovely little café in the centre of London. I love those rare moments I get to spend there with a good friend. *big smile*

13) Do you have a favourite holiday?
Hmm, that's a tough decision between Christmas and New Year. I think I'll go with New Year, it's always exciting to start a new year.

14) Dolls (from other families) you'd like to meet?
Oooh! I always love meeting new people! *claps hands together* Doing collaborations is one of the best things I know, anyone up for it? 

15) Would you briefly tell us your background?
As said earlier I'm adopted and I have the best parents. They've been there for me the entire time through my transition and supported me in any way they could. School was really tough for me though. I was teased and bullied in every school I went to up until my last years of secondary school. At this point I was getting closer to my transition, I finally found some great and supportive friends, and I found a goal with my life. After this I've been working hard to get to the point I'm at. The most difficult part being starting a new kind of model agency. Finding clients that want models outside the 'normal' ideals isn't easy, but now it's up and running. Things are going really great.

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