17 January 2014

Blown away by Fairyland

Okay, this isn't primarily for sharing the news of the new MNFs, cause I'm sure most of you have already seen them. I'm just so blown away by the photos that I wanted to share. What a perfect and beautiful setting. T^T At first I just thought it was a backdrop with a few leaves and branches in the front, but the more photos I looked though, the more I realized that it was a complete setting with moss, small trees, roses, EVERYTHING... So perfect!
I wish I could do something similar for Isi and Eli, but I think it would be a too big project and I definitely wouldn't have the space for it.

Also.. someday I want to buy an MSD to use as a project doll, meaning that I can use her for what I have in mind, and I might just have added the girl, Rin, to my wishlist. :3

I'm a little behind on everything. *lazyness* Hopefully I will have the 'what happened in 2013' and 'resolutions for 2014' posts ready. I also started on the A Doll A Week challenge, so I also have a few shots to share. Oooh, why must I be so lazy? ._.

Fairyland Minifee Rin

Fairyland Minifee Rin and Tika

Fairyland Minifee Tika

Fairyland Minifee Rin Photos of MNF Rin and MNF Tika belongs to Fairyland

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