23 January 2014

Bye 2013 and hello 2014

I had actually already written a post about my 2013, but it was just so much text. Too much text. I have realized that my blog is more about the photos than about the text, so I wanted to do a shorter version.

My 2013 went really great. I kept over half of my resolutions and ended up with 4 new heads and 6 new bodies. Most of those bodies were only bought as temporary bodies to get less floating heads and what a mistake that was. I've realized that I would much rather let my dolls share bodies, than have a lot of bad to mediocre bodies around.

Charlie: Rosettadoll Agave 
Charlie was the only head received in 2013 who got a face-up same year.

I got re-focused on my SDs, actually so much that I've kinda neglected my tinies for most of the year. But I'm glad that I found my love for SDs again and I'm so happy with my doll family as it is now.

Isi: SOOM Afi 
Isi was the only tiny that got attention, but only for 3 shoots, which isn't much compared with earlier years.

2013 was also the year were I finally learned how to buy from Taobao. Both a good and bad thing for my wallet. xD I've ended up with a lot of great buys (SD16 heels ♥), but also a few disappointing buys (mostly wigs actually).

Charlie: Rosettadoll Agave 
 This dress was bought in my very first Taobao order.

My resolutions for 2014:
  • Get face-ups on at least 3 of my blank heads.
  • Buy new wig for Charlie, Trent, Takumi, Hayden and/or Melissa.
  • Buy more urethane eyes.
  • Buy more clothes for Hayden, Olivia, Trent, Ethan, Melissa and/or Charlie. 
  • Buy more bodies. I hope I can afford at least 2.
  • Try to avoid the temptation of buying more heads. If I can't then I hope it won't be more than 2 heads. xD
  • Take photos of my dolls more often and learn that it doesn't have to be a whole shoot every time. Sometimes one or two shots are okay.
  • Practice wig cutting/styling.

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