10 November 2013

New doll added to my wishlist

Yesterday I found the perfect sculpt for my character Natalie and even in a pretty funny way.

I was on the phone with Lise and at some point we were talking about high heeled shoes for girl dolls, more precisely Volks prices vs. Taobao prices. Then I got curious about Volks' SD16 shoes and went to flickr to search for pictures of their shoes. I found this one pair of shoes that I really liked and learned that they were from the Volks SD16 Daria fullset. Now, I really like many of Volks' sclupts, but I'm no Volks expert and there's even many of their sculpts I still don't know, Daria being one of them. Then I started searching for pictures of Daria and it was almost love at first sight. The more pictures I saw of her, the more I loved her. She would make such a great Natalie. Before finding Volks Daria I considered a Little Monica Giselle or LUTS SDF Noelia for her, but they never really felt quite right.

Here's a few of the pretty Volks SD16 Darias I found on flickr: x x x x x

I don't think I've ever talked much about Natalie, she's not a very well developed character yet, but here's a little info about her. She's half French and half British and comes from a wealthy family. She is Takumi's ex-wife and the mother of their daughter Ayla. Here's how she looks.

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