25 October 2013

A quick update

School is keeping me busy lately and whenever I get home I just relax in front of the TV or take naps, I don't sit much in front of my computer any more when I get home. My blog even turned 1 year this month and I wanted to celebrate with a new design for my blog, but I just haven't had the time to do it. :( Hopefully I will have time for it soonish!

To keep you updated on what's happened lately: I bought that Switch Rusi head and I was really lucky to get it. As I wrote they only released 50 heads this time and apparently I had converted the time wrong. I thought I should buy the head while I was in school and I just went to check Switch' website before I to had to leave and saw that the heads already were up for sale. I was even about 30-40 minutes in to the event and I still got one. I'm so lucky!

Also the April Story boy body I'm waiting for was shipped last week and is currently in the customs. I hope they release it soon. Now I just need send Hayden's head out for face-up and he'll be close to be finished.

I have some pictures of Shay that I took two weeks ago, hope to post them this weekend. ^^ I also hope for sunny weather this weekend. On the Danish BJD forum we have a monthly photo contest, this month's theme is 'known fairy tales' and I have several ideas. With Halloween upcoming I also really wanted to do a Halloween shoot, but I don't know if I will have time to do both.

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