28 July 2013

Incomming heads

I was really surprised by Napidoll, they shipped out my Pekato head only a month after I bought it. I had expected to wait much longer for him. He arrived a few days ago and he is so cute. Hayden (Switch Milhwa) was shipped two months after my order and is currently in the customs, so he will be here soon as well.

I didn't plan on getting Ethan painted right away, but one of the face-up artists (Sensei's Make Up) I really like just announced that she will open 20 slots for August soon. So I will try to get a slot for Ethan. Originally I had thought about sending both Ethan and Hayden out for the same artist to save on shipping fees, but I realized that Sensei's style just doesn't fit too well for Hayden, so I will look for another artist to paint him. ^^

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