3 July 2013

Box opening: Fdoll bodies

I've been quite busy the last week, so I haven't got the time to post this before now.
Back in February I placed and order from the European dealer Think Pink, where I bought a Fdoll girl body, a Fdoll boy body, high heeled feet from Resin Soul, shoes from Angell Studio and a carrier bag from Dollzone. It took forever for the things to ship, but on Wednesday last week my things finally arrived.

I even have another body to pick up at the post office, so expect another box opening soon. xD

Huge box is huge.

Free stuff. :D

Beautiful shoes from Angell Studio.
Them bodies.

It's not the most beautiful bodies, but they work fine as temporary bodies.

Takumi and Shay on their new (temporary) bodies.
Takumi has been borrowing Hazuki's body, so Hazuki finally got back on his own body. We all missed him. ♥

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