16 February 2013

How "finished" are my dolls?

I have bought a lot of stuff for my SD crew lately and it has made me think about how much they're "finished". It makes me so happy that Hazuki and Takumi are close to be "finished", but I still have a lot to buy to get the others "finished". D:
And it's not that Hazuki, Takumi and Melissa won't get more clothes or shoes, but the others don't even have a complete outfit or any shoes, which is why I wrote it for them.

Urethane eyes
    Urethane eyes
      Urethane eyes, a body, clothes, a face-up
        Urethane eyes, a body, clothes
          Urethane eyes, a new wig, a body, shoes
            Urethane eyes, clothes, shoes, a face-up 

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