11 January 2013

Onto a new year

I promised to make a post about how my 2012 has been and how I hope my 2013 will be and here it is. I like bullet point lists, so this post will just be a couple of those.

I didn't have too many plans for 2012:
  • Buy a SOOM Bygg head for my grey skin Teenie Gem body.
  • Buy a new sculpt for Hazuki. 
  • Ship either Hazuki or Takumi out for face-up commission. 
  • Perhaps buy a SD body.
Here's what did happen in 2012:
  • Bought a SOOM Bygg head.
  • I did buy a new sculpt for Hazuki (LLT Little Edria), but ended up changing my mind. Kept my Shiwoo as Hazuki and made the Edria a new character.
  • Jointed a SDF split for an Abadon head.
  • Shipped both Hazuki and Takumi out for face-up.
  • Bought a Dollgru #12 head.
  • Bought a Rosettadoll Agave head.
Other than that I gave up on doing face-ups myself and sold all my face-up stuff (which I now regret) and I sold 3 of my SOOM Teenie Gems, mostly to focus more on the SDs, but also because I want new sculpts for them.

Things I hope will happen in 2013:
  • Ship Shay or/and my new girl (still nameless) out for face-up commission.
  • Buy bodies for at least 2 of my heads.
  • Buy a new wig for Melissa and Eli.
  • Buy urethane eyes for at least 2 dolls.
  • Buy clothes for Melissa, Trent, Takumi or/and Shay.
  • Practise my sewing.
  • Get better at taking pictures more often.
  • Get new face-up stuff and start practise again.
I hope I won't buy any more new heads this year. Hopefully there won't be released some too tempting sculpts. I think that most of those things is do-able, I already plan to buy those 2 bodies soonish.

Sorry for the long entry! There was just too much to write. :3

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