14 September 2013

Bodies for my characters

Some of my dolls are on temporary bodies, some are just heads and some have to share a bit with others, but eventually I want them all to have a perfect body of their own. For some of them I haven't considered resin match yet and I know there will be some problems since Takumi and Trent doesn't match. These bodies could also change over time. I don't know all the bodies out there and before I have bought bodies for all of them there will be new companies and older companies will probably renew their bodies.

Originally the April Story body I bought was meant for Charlie, but then Shay had to borrow it for some photos and she ended up keeping it. Later I also changed my mind and now I want Charlie to be a bit taller so I'm thinking that Volks' SD16 body would be great for her.

I want Takumi to be the same height as his brother (who is around 63cm). Also I want him to be the smaller one in his relationship with Hayden (who will be 66cm). For him I really want the Popodoll 63cm body.

At first I actually wanted Trent to be buff and looked at some of Granado's bodies. But later on I thought it that it would fit his character better if he was tall and skinny, so a Popodoll 68cm body would be much better for him.

I'm not sure about the perfect body for Melissa yet, but I want her to be the tallest of my girls. Around 65-66cm would be perfect. I kinda like the Popodoll 68cm girl body, but I'm afraid it might be just a tad too tall. It could also be a Spiritdoll 2nd ver. Proud body, but I'm not sure if the 66cm height is with or without high-heel legs or not. I would have to ask them about that.

Another one that I'm not too sure about. He should be around my average doll height, which is around the 63cm. The Spiritdoll Elegance body is only 61.5 cm, but it might work fine for him.

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