18 June 2013

Yay for SOOM

About this time last year SOOM had a body and hands event. You could buy parts in every skin colour they ever released. At the time I bought a grey skin Tennie Gem body and also wanted to buy several of the Tennie Gem hands, but because I had 5-6 Teenie Gems at the time it was so difficult choosing who to get hands for, so in the end I never got any. -.-

I remembered about this event last week and went to SOOM's Q&A board to ask if they were planning another of these events, and their answer was yes. :D They do plan to make another event, but they don't know when it will be yet. Since I'm thinking about selling both Eli and Beatrix I will only have Isi left. I'm thinking of getting him maybe three new set of hands. I already have the cute and winnie dee hands and I know I definitely want the Silt&Keny hands. The two others might be hug me and fist hands. I dunno yet. Maybe they even have new hands since last year.

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