15 June 2013

Pretty wigs I don't need

I have grown quite a weak spot for Taobao, that's no secret. I bought from them for the first time in March and have bought from there two times now. Often I go to search for a specific thing, but always end up looking at other stuff. Today I went to look for some clothes for my girls, but as usual I ended up finding something else I wanted. This time I found these lovely wigs. I seriously want all four of them. Hayden could get the black one and maybe Trent could get the red. I have absolutely no specific use for the brown and blonde, but they're just so damn pretty! And they're not even that expensive. ._. But what I really need is more clothes and not wigs. *sigh* Someone should ban Taobao on my computer!

Taobao wig Taobao wig Taobao wig Taobao wig

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