18 May 2013

I bought Hayden

Yesterday was the day where SWITCH sold their heads for half an hour at 2PM Korean time. I was lucky and only had to get up at 7AM to join the event. I was so nervous that I would oversleep or that SWITCH' website would crash during the event. But I got him, I got the Milhwa head. Hayden is coming home and Takumi will finally have his boyfriend. My first ever doll pair. :'D
Funny thing about choosing Hayden's name btw. I had cut the names down to Ewan and Hayden and had actually chosen Ewan for him, but every pairing name between Ewan and Takumi did not sound or look good. Then I tried with Hayden and when I saw the pairing name Haymi I knew that I had to name him Hayden. XD

I can't believe I'm waiting for such a beauty. ♥ And I just can't stop looking at owner pictures of the sculpt on flickr, so much handsomeness!

This is how I imagine he will look like. Now I just have to look for a face-up artist who should paint him.

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