16 November 2012

BJD meme

1. From all the dolls you own, which is your favorite and why?
I think I have two favourites, a SD and an Yo-SD.
My favourite SD is Hazuki. He was my very first doll and his character has been developed so much since the time I made him. He's been one troublesome doll. I've had so much struggle with his mold and in the end I think that just made me love him even more.
And my favourite Yo-SD is Isi. If I had written this just half a year ago, my answer would've been Eli, but I've just come to love Isi so much. He's such a lovely little boy.

2. Explain how you managed to get into BJD collecting.
Back in.. 2006, I think, I was searching for cosplay photos of the j-rock band the GazettE and fell over some BJD cosplays of some of the members. I re-searched about the dolls, but was shocked when seeing the price, so I quickly forgot about them again. Then a year later I saw my first BJD in real life and fell in love with them again, and then in December 2007 my best friend and I finally decided to buy our first dolls.. aaand now we're hooked.

3. Name the very first doll you ever bought.
Hazuki was my very first doll. A CP Dreaming Shiwoo on a Fdoll body. Now he's on a Souldoll old Double body which is so much better for him.

4. Which doll do you plan to buy next?
I don't know which full doll I plan to buy next, but my next doll plan is to buy a girl body for my Dollgru #12 head.

5. Are you currently waiting on any dolls?
Nope, not waiting for anything right now.

6. How many dolls do you currently have?
I have eight. Three Yo-SDs, one full SD and four SD heads.

7. Name the very last doll you bought?
Melissa, a Dollgru #12 head.

8. What is the worst thing about this hobby?
I usually don't see much of it, I think I have a talent of avoiding all the drama, but just hearing about all the drama! I don't get why people can get so hateful and judgemental.

9. What is the best thing about this hobby?
The best thing is without a doubt my best friend. We have so many lovely talks about dolls. ♥

10. Which is your best doll photo?
Either this or this.

11. Which is your favorite BJD company?
This is such a difficult question! There's so many lovely companies out there with beautiful dolls. I don't think I can answer this. >_<

12. What is on your wish list?
Lots of bodies. XD I have a long wish list, maybe I'll make a post with my complete wish list sometime.

13. Are there any dolls you wish you had never purchased?
Nah, I don't think so. Every doll I've purchased had resulted in experience and almost every sold doll has funded a new doll.

14. Who’s your Favorited face up artist?
I don't know. There's so many talented people out there. Cats10, Andreja and also many from Asia who I don't currently remember the names of.

15. What is a must when considering a purchase? Pose ability / faceup / age / etc.?
I'm rather complicated at this point. When I buy a body or a full doll I tend to care about both the pose ability and the aesthetic, so often it's very difficult for me to choose what to buy. I really hate this point about myself!

16. Anything else you’d like to add?
Um.. not really? Only that I hope I get to take a lot more doll photos in the future. 2012 has been such a quiet year for me photography-wise.

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