29 October 2017

Where my witches at?

Halloween isn't really a big thing in Denmark. Some people celebrate it, but most don't. I have never celebrated it, but I love using special occasions like this to take themed photos of my dolls.

Back in June, I bought four pairs of leggings from StarrshineDesigns on Etsy and among them was a pair of Halloween patterned leggings that you only somewhat can see in one of the photos. Tori loves Halloween, horror and everything spooky so I thought they were perfect for her. I looked through my doll clothes and found what would be most witch-like. It would've been cute with a little witch hat, but this scarf works fine too.

I have a little anecdote about these photos. I originally wanted to take the photos somewhere called The Old Town which is a kind of a museum where you can walk into old houses and see how people lived through the ages. This place is open for free after their closing hours. You can't walk into the houses, but you can go around the streets and the gardens. I've been there twice before with dolls previous years and it's a nice place to take photos as not many people know you can go in for free.

Anyways, they closed just about 1½ hour before sunset, but when I got down there I couldn't go in. Turns out that since last time I was there two years ago they changed it so they don't open up before about an hour after closing hours. I was there at 5:30PM (they closed at 5PM) and waited till 6:15PM before I went home.

It was kind of a shame as there was a beautiful golden light before the sunset and I think the surroundings in The Old Town would have fitted nicely for this outfit. But well, know I know for next year.

Is Halloween a thing in your country and is it something you celebrate?

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