17 November 2013

Latest buys III

I've been buying a lot of dolly stuff lately. The two first are Taobao orders, where the first was shipped last week and the other one was received by TaobaoTrends today, so it'll also be shipped soon. :D

Taobao order
  • A cute set for Eli. First I thought that it only was the jacket that was for sale, but apparently it's a set. I'll be getting some other pants since these were sold out. 
  • A wig for Eli. It was totally not what I was looking for, but I just had to get it when I saw it. Hope it'll look good on Eli. :3
  • Snake skin shoes for my girls (first ones). They're so simple, yet so pretty.
  • Chopper hat (One Piece) for.. Isi?? It was just so cute that I had to get it. ._.
  • A skirt for Eli. I have a thing for tutu skirts.
Taobao order
  • A simple shirt that I think can be used for most of my dolls. But I saw a cute combination from rRabits shop with a doll wearing the black shirt with this shirt over it, which could be great for Hayden. 
  • A black shirt that probably will be used most by Hayden, but my other boys can use it too. 
  • Cute shoes for Shay. 
  • Pants for.. I'm actually not sure who'll be able to fit these, but luckily they can be used by most of my boys. 
  • A blue scarf for most of my dolls.
  • New wig for Hazuki. I wanted a new wig for him in a brown that was closer to a Japanese brown hair colour than the one he has now. Hope I can get used to a new wig for him. รถ
Taobao and Tata's Paradise order
Okay, these last things are a bit of a mix and changes from my last 'Latest buys' post.
I forgot to pay for the Taobao order I placed with a wig and shoes for Melissa (and other things), so I asked TaobaoTrends to cancel it since some of the small things I ordered were sold out. So I placed the order again and added the cute glasses.
In the Tata's Paradise order I got a message that the jacket I bought for Trent were sold out in the size I wanted. So instead I wanted those two last adorable dresses and since I had no tops to use under I also bought the top in the first row.

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