22 September 2013

SWITCH event: Nice to See You, Again!

SWITCH have had some system upgrades on their site and for their return they're having an event. In this event they're re-releasing their sculpts Mara (left) and Rusi (right) in the quantity of 50 each. They can be bought on September 25th from 4PM Korean time.

SWITCH Nice to See You, Again eventMore info about the event here.

I first saw that SWITCH were having this event a few days ago, but I didn't bother to look at the details before today, which were both lucky and unlucky for me. Lucky since I really want a Rusi, unlucky since LLT just released their OE Roderich whom I had planned to buy (will do a post about this in a few days). I was confused about which head I should buy, but Lise quickly convinced me to buy the Rusi head. I've always wanted to make Rusi a girl and when I looked at pictures of the sculpt today I thought that it would make a perfect Olivia. She is not very well developed yet, but at some point she will end up as Melissa's girlfriend. 

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