9 August 2013

Latest buys

A few weeks ago I placed a little Taobao order from TaobaoTrends. They received my order today and are ready to ship it out. ^^ These things are what I ordered along with a fifth thing, but I will keep that a secret for now. 

Taobao wig Taobao pants Taobao pants Taobao t-shirt
  1. A wig for Ethan since he doesn't have one. I wouldn't have minded a little more curly and carrot wig, but that's just not easy to find.
  2. These are actually a pair of male pants, but I really hope they will fit on a girl. They are so perfect for Charlie. If they don't fit then I think Ethan maybe could use them.
  3. White pants which can be used by more of my characters especially Ethan and Takumi.
  4. This is also for males, but hopefully Melissa can fit it. I think this blue colour will look so good on her. If not then I'm also sure my other characters can use it. 
  5. And as I said earlier I also bought a fifth thing. It's for a future character who I actually don't plan on getting any time soon. But I am thinking of using if for some out of character shoot with one of my dolls. :D

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