29 May 2013

Re-shelling an old character

A while back I decided that I wanted to re-shell one of my old characters, Ethan. I've had a few sculpts in mind for him, but they never gave me that "this is definitely the right sculpt"-feeling. So while I really did want to get him home he was never a priority. Here's how he used to look. Bad photo is bad, it's back from January 2009. xD

Since he wasn't a priority I never thought much about him. That was till the other day where I saw photos of Napidoll's new sculpts. A Pekato, he is just the perfect sculpt for Ethan and I have a serious case of do want. I'm just not too sure if I have the money for the head. It's limited sale till June 22nd, so I still have time to decide. Also Napidoll writes: "1st limited period" which makes it sound like he will be for sale in the future again. I have to ask them about it.

First picture is Napidoll Pekato (I always want to say Pikachu xD) and second picture is how I want Ethan to look like. I changed his hair and eye colour, but his character will pretty much be the same. He's a happy and outgoing boy, but he is very easy to confuse and disorganise. I thought it would be cute if he was Shay's best male friend and from time to time he gets small acting roles. Plus I think he will be asexual since I have no asexual characters and it just fits well for his character.

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