21 November 2012

SOOM Flint & Hawa

Yeah, already another post about new SOOM tinies. I can't help it.

SOOM Flint and Hawa

Little bunnies. My first thought is that I don't like the mouth too much. I might change my opinion about that in the future though, I usually do. Other than that I love the rest of them. Their fantasy parts are so adorable. I think it's cool that you get two pair of ears with them. And the smoky grey colour looks cute, I wonder how different it is from the grey skin. It does look a little lighter. But what I like most about them is the clothes. It looks like a little mori-girl outfit. Do want! I am considering joining a split to get the girl clothes, but I'm not too sure yet.

SOOM Hawa 
Such an adorable outfit! ♥

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